Harris Golf Club AGM 2014

1 Captainís Report

Looking back to the beginning of the last summer season, as I recall the weather was kind, until the Life members and Open competitions. The weather was awful, however a hardy few fought it out, it seems little will deter them..

Whilst on the topic of those two competitions our congratulations go to Hugh and Roddy for the organisation. The weekend turned out once again a successful event. Thanks to Ronnie for the running of the bar a solid input for the two days and of course the ball spotters a soaking experience. Thanks to all ..

Competitions throughout the season went well with a few new names being added to trophies. Well done to our Match secretary and its; committee.

Inter-Island matches took place again, although we struggled with numbers .As I mentioned last year in my report, I feel these competitions are important and it will be a sad day if we get to the position were we have to pull out due to the lack of support. I would urge that we all make a note of these matches, particularly the away 2 ones.

Many thanks go to the ladies for arranging and providing food for these events. The comments passed on were very complementary. I hope you will be willing this year?

It came as a bit of a shock when the Club were told suddenly that Donald would be leaving. How fortunate we were that James was able fill this position. Very quickly. I am pleased to inform you that James has now signed his contract of employment.

James thanks for your hard work and we hope the weather will be kind to you and the course.

The Club now have in place a professional Health and Safety Programme. We have taken on the services of PROFESSIONAL HEALTH and SAFETY SERVICES Ltd. Brian Bannister is the consultant.

James now has risk assessment sheets for the shed and all machinery. It was interesting the other day watching James as he was preparing to go home. Wind screen wipers check lights check tyres check eventually after half an hour he left for Home..

Health and Safety is a Club responsibility so should you become aware of any issues regarding H&S let us know.

In my report last year I highlighted the increasing problem of the gap between senior members of the Club and the younger element.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed. A few months ago I suggested that some of the Office bearers positions should have deputies in place to cover the eventuality of a position suddenly becoming vacant. It is unreasonable to expect

the dedicated few to always be so willing. To all of you who do your bit our hearty thanks. To the younger members please aim to get involved its your Club as well .

Some good news it looks like we may have the go ahead for junior coaching to take place inside the school hall Tarbert and eventually plan to have available coaching for the older generation WE aim to make the same arrangements available in Leverburgh.

Our thanks to Willy Mackay for his help so far in getting this off the ground.

Ladies Section

The small dedicated few of ladies who turn out most week end are to be congratulated. The Club need to give more support to this section of the Club. both in recruitment and the course, in terms of the ladies tees being up graded. signs etc..

Club Flyers new ones now available so if you can help in their distribution, I have the stocks.

I have now complete3d the Clubs business plan, copies will be available for the new committee and discussions to take place at committee meeting in February.

Finally my thanks to the vice -Captain for his support throughout the year.

Mal hall Captain